"MJoy Radio"

MJoy Radio #1

MJoy Radio is an integrated part of MJoy Multimedia, a Ukrainian company, which works with new types of media, complex multimedia production and online broadcasting. All radio stations established by MJoy Radio work in live stream.

Here is a short description of several of our most significant radio stations: «Radio z Kryjivky» (meaning Underground Bunker Radio) is our most popular radio channel and streams alternative rock music in a provocative format. The channel is broadcasted on Radio M Live, (radio of live events) which regularly streams live concerts and festivals. During the winter holidays «Rizdvyane Radio» (meaning Christmas Radio) kicks in. This station also functions with our multimedia channel, which features a large number of programs and celebrity guests who tell their own stories concerning their family’s traditions during the Christmas holiday.

Mousse Radio is our easy listening channel, where listeners hear an easily mix of jazz, world, lounge and chill-out music. Radio M is our channel that streams exceptionally new music.

MJoy Radio is the first company in the Ukrainian media market that continues to offer creative business services as well as services maintenance for corporate radio channels. And example of our corporate client includes Kredens Cafe Radio, which was created for the popular Ukrainian coffee chain Kredens Cafe.

Shuvar Radio — Radio for Ukrainian farmers. Shuvar is the first wholesale market of agricultural production in Ukraine and the biggest in Western Ukraine.

Our company also established a multimedia department entitled MJoy Multimedia, which provides visual content specifically to the radio format.

Completed works